Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Maryland sneaker spot hit in robbery

A Largo, Maryland sneaker store was one of approximately 100 businesses hit in a pair of smash-and-grabs in late September.

Hot Heat Sneakers was one of several businesses in Largo Plaza that was victimized by two or three crooks in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 27. Video surveillance shows the one thief taking a tumble as he was exiting through the window with their ill-gotten merchandise.

“I had no words. Honestly, I just stood … couldn’t even come in the store for a half hour … Just in shock,” said co-owner Xavier Eubanks.

Hot Heat owners claim they were taken for approximately $70,000 worth of footwear. 

A brick was found at the scene that is believed to have been used to smash through the store’s front window. The window, while gated, had a small gap that the crooks were able to capitalize on to help them gain access.

The owners, Xavier Eubanks and Julian King, opened Hot Heat two years ago, 

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