Stupid Things People Do for Sneakers: Maryland Truck Driver Allegedly Stole $19K worth of sneakers

Our Stupid Things People Do for Sneakers returns after its multiweek hiatus. We hit the ground running with the ordeal of Cortney Slater. 

A Maryland truck driver pled guilty to pilfering more than $19,000 worth of shoes. 

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

According to reporting by WMAR in Baltimore, in July 2016 a New Penn Motor Express employee saw an entire pallet of New Balance sneakers were missing. Apparently, this was shortly after driver, Cortney Lynn Slater had been in the vicinity of the shoes. The worker then reported his finding to a shipping clerk, who then called Slater to return with the truck. Slater obliged the request but offloaded the kicks behind a dumpster at a nearby shopping mall. A security manager at the mall spied him near the parking lot where shoes were stashed. 
When questioned Slater revealed that a co-worker propositioned him to lift the sneakers for the whopping sum of $250. Although currently out on bail, he will be sentenced May 15th.

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