Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Memphis man confesses to stealing thousands of dollars worth of shoes

Memphis, Tennessee is the location for this latest edition of Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers.

Memphis police arrested a man that allegedly stole $8,000 worth of sneakers.

A woman walking down the street said she saw a man carrying a bags of shoes that she indicated she recognized from her neighbor’s storage shed.

She approached the individual and took the bags of Nikes from the man, who the took off running.

Law enforcement was called and the suspect, whom the police would later identify as Cameron Tate, was located at a nearby residence.

Tate quickly admitted to taking ,but undercut the value of the items stolen, saying, ” I know I took about $5,000 worth of those shoes.”

Tate was taken into custody, and refused to give a written statement because he had previously admitted to the police he broke into the storage shed and taking the shoes. He also said he “wanted to go to jail and get it over with.”

The victim of the theft, who was the owner of the storage shed, told police he buys and resells shoes and Tate had taken around $8,000 in shoes.

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