Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: NY teens robbed of sneakers

A pair of New York teens found themselves the unfortunate victims of an armed robbery,

According to police the two victms- an 18-year-old male his 16-year-old female friend- were inside Prospect Park Sunday , March 6 at around 7:10 pm when they were approached by the suspects.

The plunderous duo brandished a firearm before forcibly relieving the teens of their shoes, of which at least one pair was that of some Air Jordans- in addition to their wallets, and bags.

After they had completing their pilfering of the youthful victims, the two suspects ran off, police indicated.

Surveillance footage released Monday shows the alleged suspects inside a bodega and then in an unnamed subway station.

The suspects were seen entering a subway station after the robbery.
One of the alleged robbers (DCPI)
The second suspect inside a bodega (DCPI)

Thankfully there were no injuries reported by the victims.

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