Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: PA Man pleads guilty for sneaker robbery

In Easton, Pennsylvania a man’s misguided zeal for sneakers has finally lead to him to be held accountable for his actions.

Cory Meinhart, of Bethlehem, PA, pleaded guilty in Northampton County Court to a single felony count of robbery. On July 1, 2018 Bethlehem police were called to the bowling alley in the 1700 block of Stefko Boulevard to investigate a call of an armed robbery. The two victims told police that they agreed to meet with an “Alicia Johnson” to sell some Air Jordans for $190 that they had up on the OfferUp application, according to court records.

The two victims told police at that the arranged meeting, it was Meinhart, 18-years-old at the time, who showed up, according to records.

After handing over the sneakers and then asking for the money, Meinhart replied, “What money?’. The victims then allege that it was at that point, Meinhart flashed a gun tucked into his waistband and said ,”You don’t want to try me” and ran away without paying for the shoes.

Police subsequently obtained a warrant for information on the OfferUp account for “Alicia Johnson” Meinhart began to emerge as a suspect. Reportedly he was identified through a photo lineup by both victims.

Meinhart is scheduled to be sentenced May 24th. Assistant District Attorney Richard Pepper said the guilty plea came with a recommended sentence of two years in county prison followed by four years of probation.

According to ADA Pepper, if Meinhart violates his parole upon his release from county prison, he could face federal state time.

The wrapping up of this case does not put an end to Meinhart’s legal issues. He is also awaiting trial on a robbery case in Lehigh County. In that case, he accused of holding up a teen victim last summer and stealing his iPhone.

Meinhart is scheduled for a May 1 status conference in that case.

The two robberies were not even a week apart.

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