Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Seller thwarts attempted robbery

A New Jersey sneaker seller had other plans when a man he met to sell a pair of sneakers to tried to rob him. The Montclair Police Department released the following statement about the May 6 incident:

The victim reported that he was near the Exxon gas station convenience store entrance when a male approached him asking to try on his shoes. The victim was carrying a blue Air Jordan shoe box containing Air Jordan Concord 11 shoes (valued at $500). The victim allowed the suspect to try on one shoe. The suspect told the victim that he needed to try on both shoes. The victim would not allow the suspect to try both at once, at which time the suspect grabbed the shoes and the box and started to flee west on Bloomfield Avenue. The victim stated he chased the suspect and was able to grab hold of the shoes and the box and retrieve his belongings from the suspect. The suspect continued running west on Bloomfield Avenue.

Montclair Police statement

According to police they describe the failed robbery suspect as a man in his mid-20’s who stood approximately 6-feet ATL with a thin build. He had a facial tattoo and was wearing a black jacket and black jeans.

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