Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Sneaker thief gets away with only left shoes

Miami police are looking for a thief who burlgled an area shoe store.

After unsuccessfully trying to gain entry through the front door, the thief decided to come in through the roof, Mission Impossible-style.

According to the store’s surveillance footage at approximately 2:30 AM on Tuesday , March 15, showed the thief scaling the dispay wall in side the store. ”He Just goes up quick and starts grabbing every shoe here,” said store owner John Alvarez.

Police say that Luxe Mia was not the only store targeted.

“Whoever was committing the burglary wanted to go directly to these businesses and get those shoes. “These crooks, they actually made three holes on top of the roof, two of them not being in this business, so it’s more of the damage that they caused then what they actually stole. Talking about what they took, they took left feet shoes. They didn’t take a pair of shoes, they just took single shoes that were on the rack.”

Officer Michael Vega, Miami Police Department

Alvarez, the owner, just 20, opened Luxe Miami back in December. He said the stoe has suffered a $15,000 to $20,000 loss and unfortunatey is uninsured. He hopes the thieves , realizing what they have , or dont have, will return the shoe.

“Just come forward, drop off the shoes, leave them here,” said Alvarez. “I don’t need to turn them over to the cops. I don’t care about that. I pray that God puts some sense into them and just do the right thing at least.”

Mr. Alvarez is offering a reward for the return of the shoes.

Police has asked that individuals with pertinent information to call Miami-Dade Criem Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Tips can be submitted anonymously . Tipsters may be eligible for up to a $5,000 reward.

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