Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Teen attacked with hammer for Air Jordans

A Christchurch, New Zealand teen was on his way to pickup a pizza when he was brutally attacked with a hammer and his Air Jordans were stolen.

The 19-year-old victim was headed to a local Domino’s Pizza, located on Shaw Ave in New Brighton between 10 and 11pm on December 8. While stopped at an intersection, a man clad in dark clothing allegedly opened the victim’s passenger door and struck him multiple times with a hammer and subsequently taking his “95 Neon” Air Jordan 4s and his iPhone,for which he demanded the password.

A pair of the ”95 Neon” Air Jordan 4 that was stolen from the victim

The victim’s mother said it was difficult to ascertain the events of that evening, as her son has been suffering from a concussion and is having difficulty remembering what happened. Part of the fuzzy events from the night was a minor car crash in which he rear-ended another motorist at around 11pm.

When he got out of the car to apologize, the victim was a bloody, shoeless mess.

It’s speculated that following this fender-bender he was somehow able to drive to a friends home and was subsequently taken to a hospital.

His head and jaw was scanned for any fractures, breakages or brain damage; his mother also said that he received stitches and was discharged a few hours later.

The victim’s mother says she collapsed upon first seeing her son, after initially thinking he was dead. She also said she has had a hard time sleeping since her son was attacked, waking up nightly in a panic.

Of her son she said :

He drools all the time because he can’t close his mouth properly and there [are] about 10 teeth … that [have] absolutely had it…He couldn’t really talk because his mouth was so swollen and all the broken teeth. He’s going to need dental work for months on end, it’s not a quick fix,

The victim thinks his attacker was older than him and had a “big build”.

A police spokesman said police water notified of a “grievous assault” on a man in the early hours of December 8 involving a weapon. The man was seriously injured and a friend took him to Christchurch Hospital. He also said that police were still investigating.

individuals with information pertinent to this incident are asked to contact police on 105, and give the file number 211208/8426. Information can also be provided anonymously by calling Crime Stoppers at 0800 555 111.

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