Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Teen stabbed, doused in flour and butter, sneakers taken in attack

Police say a 17-year-old delicatessen customer was beaten up, stabbed, covered in flour and butter and had his sneakers stolen during a wild assault caught on camera.

According to police, the assault occurred at approximately 3 p.m on Sunday, June 13 at store located at Decatur Avenue and E. 195th St. in Fordham Manor.

As the victim stood inside three establishment, two males approached him and began to assault him. Surveillance footage showed the victim lying on the red-tiled floor as the two males , one decked out in all-black with a black ball cap and the other in a dark shirt and grey sweat pants, punch and kick him as other people try to intervene. One of the attackers must have had food on the brain because at one point he douses the victim in butter before covering him in flour as if our victim was a piece of meat to be dropped in a fryer.

Teen has sneakers stolen, gets covered in baking flour during Bronx attack inside bodega, police said. (NYPD)

Police indicated that sneakers, which appear to be the “Carmine” Air Jordan 6, were removed from our victim’s feet.

The footage concludes with one of the attackers holding a green handled knife and charging the teenaged victim. Law enforcement state that the youngster was stabbed in the stomach. He was subsequently taken to St. Barnabas hospital in stable condition.

Individuals with information on this incident is implored to call (800) 577-TIPS.

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