Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Teens attack man and take his sneakers

The axiom that “no good deed goes unpunished” was on full and brutal display recently at a Boston MBTA station.

According to a MBTA transit police statement, four youths, a male juvenile, 17, of Roslindale, a male juvenile, 15, of Chelsea, a male juvenile, 15, and a male juvenile, 16, both from Roxbury are all facing various assault charges and unarmed robbery.

Police were called to Park Street around 8:19 pm Saturday on report of an assault. The release states the group of teens had fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival. The victim, a local university student was traveling on an eastbound Green Line trolley when a group of youths were harassing a male and his girlfriend. Specifically they were making inappropriate comments to the young lady and invading their personal space.

The victim decided to intervene, telling the youngsters to leave to couple alone. The group decided to make the young man the focus of their degeneracy, spitting in his face multiple times. That is bad enough but these teens had more in store for the victim. Upon arrival at the Park Street station and exiting the trolley, the victim was surrounded by the youths and they proceeded to attack him, punching and kicking him and then removing his sneaker from his feet, a chain off his neck and cash off his person.

Transit Police officers conducted a subsequent search and took them into custody at various locations; one of the youths was still in possession of the victim’s footwear.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment.

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