Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Texas HS student charged with armed robbery

A Wichita Falls, Texas teen who was building a sneaker business that had been highlighted on local news news now finds himself accused of armed robbery.

Seventeen-year-old Lane Lukash has been charged with aggravated robbery in connection with the taking of a pair of sneakers.

According to Wichita Falls police, a boy came forward in Spertember, telling them that Lukash and another youngster robbed him at gunpoint for a pair of his shoes. Apparently the victim, had arranged to sell Lukash a pair of shoes.

However, at the arranged meeting , the victim said the person in the passenger seat of Lukash’s car pulled out a gun and demanded the sneakers.

Another witness stated he was with the alleged gunman in Lukash prior to the robbery taking place. He said that Lukash told him he was going to rob the victim of the shoes.

At this point, the alleged accomplice has been arrested.

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