Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Thieves take $40K in goods from Kansas City consignment shop

An early morning break-in at a Kansas City consignment shop netted thieves $40,000 in merchandise. Surveillance footage captured portions of the break-in at Initial KC and showed three individuals shining flashlights and grabbing merchandise ranging from high end sneakers to name brand t-shirts.

Initial KC’s co-wonder Ivan Qi thought the store was targeted, saying “I’m pretty sure they came to our shop before. They knew where to find all the stuff, and they could just grab it.” 

Initial KC , was just days away from its one-year anniversary, but instead of celebrating the milestone, now finds itself being cleaned up by workers in preparation to be vacated.

Qui said he was not sure how much will be covered by insurance, ( I would think all of it would ) but there are over 200 consignment agreements that will have to be paid. “Anything we got robbed from, we have to pay it back to the consigners, even out of our pockets,” Qui said.

“Hopefully we can get some stuff back. That’s what we’re hoping for,” Qui said.

Initial KS is now closed permanently, but there are plans to eventually open a store in a different location.

Initial KC’s owners have setup a GoFundMe to help pay for damages and repairs.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact Kansas City Police.

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