Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Thousands in cash, sneakers stolen from Jersey City apartment

A Jersey City man was snapped out of the afterglow of a week long vacation upon returning home to discover he was $20,000 lighter in cash and $10,000 in sneakers, according police radio transmissions.

The robbery was reported to police at 2 am on September 9 , once the victim arrived home and saw that his residence had been rifled through and the aforementioned items removed.

The victim told police that he was last in his apartment located on McAdoo Avenue, between Spring Street and Fowler Avenue, on September 2.

According to responding officers, the burglars appeared to have gained access to the flat by pushing in a bedroom air conditioning unit. Once inside the thieves removed the sneakers from their boxes and left the boxes behind. Jersey City officials have been tight-lipped with information on the case just confirming that a burglary did occur and that $30,000 worth of cash and sneakers were taken.

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