Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Update- VA Man gets five years for sneaker robbery

In a previous edition of Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers, we covered the actions of Tavious Jonte Lane of Barryville, Virginia who robbed a man of sneakers at gunpoint. That ill-fated decision will cost Lane five years of his freedom.

Victim Eric Truong said that he and Lane arranged to meet in front of a local store to sell Lane a pair of “Gucci” Foamposite sneakers.

At Lane’s September 20 plea hearing Daniel H. Cohan, an assistant Frederick County commonwealth’s attorney told presiding Judge N. Randolph Bryant that Lane arrived to their meeting in a car driven by a woman whose identity Cohan did not divulge. After greeting and shaking hands with Lane, Truong the handed Lane one of the shoes.

It was at that point, Lane racked the slide of a pistol, pointed it at Truong and said, “Let me get that.” At that point, Truong gave Lane the other sneaker and Lane and the woman drove off.

In addition to his five year prison sentence, Lane must pay Truong $120 in restitution; he will also be on five years supervised probation following his release.

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