Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: UPS driver helps teen robbed for his sneakers

A New York UPS driver delivered more than packages and was potentially the difference between life and death for the teenage victim of violent sneaker robbery.

Driver Christopher McCall witnessed the May 7 attack on the 17-year old victim. Surveillance video shows two persons in black chasing the victim, taking him to the ground, punching and kicking him before taking his Air Force 1s off his feet. Mr. McCall ran in to attend to the young victim, who was losing consciousness, beseeching other to call 911.

Christopher McCall, a UPS driver in New York, helped the 17-year-old victim of a beating and robbery. (Source: Lindsay Patwich, WCBS via CNN)

“He said, ‘I can’t breathe… I’m a diabetic,’” McCall said. “I was like, ‘Just stay there’… and I was telling everybody, ‘Somebody, please call an ambulance.’”

McCall improvised, using one of his packages to prop the young victim’s head up to better breathe, as he indicated he was experiencing difficulty respirating.

The next day the alleged perpetrators of the robbery and assault, two boys, aged 16 and 17, were arrested by detectives the next day. They were charged with robbery and possession of stolen property.

The victim is expected to make a full recovery and Mr. McCall said his help of the young victim would not end on the day of the robbery.

“He was a nice-looking young man, and… he could have been dead. There was no stopping. It just looked like they didn’t have no remorse or regard for life. They would have finished him over some sneakers,” he said.

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