Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Woman steals sneakers then strips naked

Pedestrians in New York City’s Brighton Beach neighbourhood bore witness to and became part of a wild scene.

According to police at approximately 1:40 pm on Brighton Beach Avenue, between Brighton 3rd and 2nd streets a woman attacked another lady and stole her sneakers.

After which, she proceeded to remove all of her clothes.

In a video posted to Twitter, the victim is seen on the ground crying for help as her sneakers are removed from her feet. She then proceeds to hit another bystander. A man comes in and body checks her to the ground and one of the second bystander takes this opportunity to hit and kick the woman multiple times.

In a second video ( NSFW) the woman gets of the ground and goes on a rant about not getting enough government aid and then proceeds to remove all of her clothing.

Police say the woman was bipolar and had not taken her medication.

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