Stupid Things People Do For Sneakers: Youths rob teen for money and sneakers

Our nationwide digest of sneaker lust leading to destructive behavior takes us to Sheepshead Bay in New York. Here in this bay that separates the Brooklyn mainland from the eastern part of Coney Island two youngsters  decided to rob a 15-year-old boy.

The robbery took place at approximately 9:40 on the morning of Thursday, September 27. The two robbers approached the victim from behind and allegedly said. “Give us your money or we’ll beat you up!”

The 15-year old went along with the robbers’ request, but after handing over his money, a whopping $5 in cash, the crooks then also demanded his sneakers. They took the victim’s sneakers off his feet and according to police, fled south on Ocean Avenue and then west on Avenue U.

The two robbers were caught on surveillance camera and police are hopeful that footage will be the key to identifying them.

Here is video footage of the suspected robbers:


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