Stupid Things People Do In Sneakers: Air Prestos helped convict robbery suspect

Donovan Bell is a south Florida man who finds himself potentially staring at a life sentence for an armed robbery.

Three years ago attorney Robert Roemer was robbed outside of his law office by a machine-gun wielding, Presto-wearing Bell ( remember those shoes, as they are key to this story).

“I felt like the rifle poke me, and I turn around and the guy’s got — like it looked like some type of Soviet assault rifle. “All of a sudden, the guy wasn’t saying anything. He just had this assault rifle.”

Robert Roemer ,”as he told WSVN Channel 7 in 2019

The robbery netted Bell Roemer’s wallet, which contained $110 and his Galaxy phone.

Tip eventually led detectives to Bell. One of the key pieces of evidence was not th weapon used or the black Toyota Camry Bell escaped in, but a pair of shoes- a pair of black-and-white Nike Air Prestos, which were seized in a search of Bell’s residence.

At his recent trial Roemer, as he previously done to law enforcement, identified Mr. Bell as his robber. The six-person jury needed but an hour to find Bell guilty of armed robbery. Bell will be sentenced by Miami-Dade Judge Jose Fernandez.

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