TBT 2020 Semifinals, (22) Sideline Cancer upsets (2) Overseas Elite 67-65

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By: TBT Staff | @thetournament

The only seven-time TBT participant will finally get its chance at the ultimate prize.

Mo Creek hit a three-pointer to cap a double-digit comeback and send Sideline Cancer to its first-ever TBT title game with a 67-65 win over four-time TBT champion Overseas Elite.

“That might be the biggest shot of my career,” said Creek, who scored 10 second-half points after being shut out in the first half. “To do it here, on the biggest stage…oh my gosh. Once I shot it, I knew it was good.”

Following Creek’s shot, Sideline Cancer players erupted off the bench, touching off one of the biggest celebrations in TBT history. 

Marcus Keene, whose 22 points led all scorers, was confident in Creek, despite his teammate’s first-half struggles.

“I was telling him all game that I trusted him,” said Keene. “I’m always looking for Mo. He’s the best shooter on our team.”

Eric Thompson (16 points, game-high 10 rebounds) posted another double-double in the win for Sideline Cancer, which looks to avenge its loss to the Golden Eagles in last summer’s Wichita Regional title game. 

“Everybody just stuck together,” said Creek. “We hit big shots and believed in each other, and that’s why we’re in the finals.”

Sideline Cancer held Overseas Elite’s Joe Johnson to just 18 points on 7-for-18 shooting.

“We really just fought,” said coach Charlie Parker. “We made sure he was seeing hands from our squad [on defense].”

Overseas Elite went just 1-for-15 from three-point land in the second half and failed to reach the finals for the second straight summer after winning four straight TBT titles.

Sideline Cancer trailed by 10 points after a first half in which they went 1-for-13 from beyond the arc.

“At the end of the day, we knew we had to make some adjustments,” said a choked-up Parker. “It came down to the players. These guys are playing for each other, and they’re playing for something bigger than basketball.”

Sideline Cancer will get its chance at TBT’s $1 million prize in the championship game against the Golden Eagles on July 14th at 7:00 PM.


Overseas Elite

34A. Tatum4:3110101000200000012503
6B. Brown18:3352044000021414.31119.10009
5D. Tucker24:287136913113742.914250008
1D. Baulkman0:000000000000000000000
2F. Session23:0412022402234666.7010441009
7J. Johnson29:28183123030171838.91616.7331006
24J. Burrell25:41811560014331001110012509
32M. Kyser6:090000010010000000003
4P. Jeter23:318101101113742.924500006
33R. Putney15:1660134001014251333.334752
44X. Silas9:130101101000300300005
Totals 65992435210613236237.173321.2121580.0

Sideline Cancer

23D. Wright14:520103300100300100000
12D. Johnson2:370001100010100000009
5E. Thompson32:40160371011157977.80002210011
4F. McGlynn2:570000000010000000001
2J. Artis31:435215600332922.2040125011
3M. Keene35:55224123003381942.12102045802
1M. Creek32:2210016701213837.53742.912501
10R. Abell26:4914123500315771.424502366.75
Totals 67882740121315255644.672626.9101471.4

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