The Aaron Rodgers vaccine lie exposes Stephen A. Smith and others hypocrisy once again

When the news regarding Aaron Rodgers ,not only testing positive for COVID-19 but also the fact that he had previously lied about his vaccination status, broke I intentionally waited before immediately grabbing my iPad to type an article because I was curious to see what the response from the media, but the sports media in particular, would be, particularly juxtaposed with the response they have had to the Kyrie Irving situation. Sure enough they did not let me down with their response, or lack thereof.

The media has had Kyrie in their crossheirs for quite some time but became laser-focused on him ever since he had the temerity to make a decision, in terms of what to do with his body, that went against their sensibilities . However when it came to the Aason Rodgers matter, the sports media’s response seemed to lack the rancorous verve that was in such abundance for Kyrie Irving.

Stephen A. Smith , who seemed to almost revel in taking shots at Kyrie, showed more contrition than Rodgers himself, bordering on meekness, when discussing the story. Even Jay Williams, who has at times, went off the rails with some of his takes, had to call him out over the blatant hypocrisy that Smith was displaying on national television. In response Smith went on this meandering word salad diatribe that was brimming with bovine fecal matter, even somehow still finding a way to continue to cast aspersions at Irving.

If you can stomach it, here is the video below:

Here is Jay Williams , calling him out and Smith with a quick tag-in from Molly Qerim:

Where as Smith has doubled down in his anti-Kyrie rhetoric, others have clammed up completely. Molly Qerim who usually has no problem inserting herself into a conversation, has now shockingly displayed a newfound sense of discretion on this matter. Malika Andrews must be still searching for a rooftop high enough to shout to the masses from because she has been absolutely mute on Aaron Rodgers. Even morning talk windbag and former King of Comedy, who managed to carve out some time to speak on Kyrie Irving seemingly out of nowhere, is suspiciously mute on the Aaron Rodgers.

Once again the media, including the sports media exposes their biases and hypocrisy. At this point one does not have to do extensive research to uncover it; they are so cavalier it is being done right before our very eyes.

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