The official unveiling of the “What The” Doernbecher x Air Jordan 1

The “What The”Doernbecher x Air Jordan 1 pays homage to the previous 14 designers of Doernbecher Air Jordans as it integrating visual elements from each of those shoes.

No need to plan for camp outs or bots, for now, as there were only 17 pairs produced, to commemorate the 17th year of the Doernbecher program.

The initial pair that came in a custom laser box was auctioned off at the Virtually Freestyle event that took place February 25th. The other 16 pairs will be auctioned off on eBay beginning February 26 at noon PST and conclude at the same time Wednesday, March 3rd.

The proceeds from the sale of the “What The” Doernbecher x Air Jordan 1 will go toward the benefits of OHSU patients and staff.

Doernbecher x Air Jordan 1 
Virtual Auction - February 25, 2021
eBay Auction: February 26- March 3, 2021

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