They are already gearing up the Westbrook blame

Barring miraculous, sweeping changes to their roster, all indications are that the Los Angeles Lakers will once again be the worst pro basketball team in LA.

Unlike last season the gas bags in the sports media have not to wait until the year tipped off to find a scapegoat, they are already planting those seeds in the hopes they will blossom into a Westbrook-Ham blame tree.

They will try to sell you these are/will be the causes of the Lakers’ ills next season.

When this season takes its inevitable nosedive, the sports media and Laker ”fans” new favorite whipping man Russell Westbrook and new head coach Darvin Ham will bear the brunt of the blame. The table is already being set with attempts being made to link Westbrook and Ham in order to intertwine their fates. As Coach Ham has spoken positively of Westbrook, if he plays poorly and the Lakers get off to a bad start or have a stretch of losses and/or poor performances, Ham and by extenstion Westbrook will take the fall.

The Lakers will stink again next season; they addressed none of their gaping issues so far this offseason. Their most prominent players will be a year older, the defense will likely offer the resistance of wet toilet paper and they are still bereft of shooting. However none of that will matter, as those facts will be completely ignored as the media will not allowed the blame Westbrook-Ham express to be derailed by pesky truth.

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