The 2020 Holiday Air Jordan 11: We expected more

The holiday/Christmas time Air Jordan 11 has become a yearly traditions and few days ago real images finally emerged of what will be this year’s Air Jordan 11.

To say they fell short of expectations would be a vast understatement. With a few original releases ( concords and black/red) returning over the past couple years there were hope the 2020 shoe would be the Columbia , errr, Legend Blue or even the Cool Grey, but unfortunately that was not what happened. Rather the planned release was another sneaker edition of “phoning it in” – a simple-looking , basic black Jordan 11 with “JORDAN” running up the lace loops. When it comes to design, simple does not equate to bad , however The sneaker on the image that has been passed around has the appearance of a shoe in the sample phase that should have been left on the cutting room floor, instead of being green-lit to be pushed to retail.

The argument could be made that coming on the heels of Concords and Playoffs, there was bound to be a let down but I beg to differ there were other paths that Jordan Brand could have taken with this shoe. The colorways referenced earlier are craved for a return but why not the DMP 11? Dropping that shoe would somewhat make up for the missed opportunity earlier this year of just not re-releasing the DMP again, rather than just the Air Jordan 6 alone.

However despite this, as I see it , a clear misstep, I unfortunately , have little doubt that this shoe will still fly off the shelves, thus signaling to those in the proverbial ivory tower at Jordan Brand to continue full steam ahead with these sort of bone-headed moves.

Below are images of the “Asleep at the Wheel” Air Jordan 11

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