Thousands of Pair of Counterfeit Sneakers discovered by South African Customs

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) seized counterfeit sneakers at the Lebombo Border Post. 

Suspicions were aroused when a truck driver refused to stop at the port checkpoint on Monday. Police then chased the truck; the driver fled the scene outside the port area. The same truck had been detained earlier in the year with consignment clothing. 

The truck contained 9,085 pair of “Adidas” and 1,850 pair of “Nikes” worth R8.7 million ( 63,315 USD). 

SARS’ Janine Mqulwana had this to say: 

The truck has been detained and escorted to the state’s warehouse where the consignment was contained for counting of the sneakers. Brand holders within South Africa will be required to do an identification process and have been contacted to do so. 

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