Vanessa Bryant does not want the “MAMBACITA” to release

As the relationship between the Bryant family/estate and Nike continues to swirl around the drain , there could be a new point of contention between the two parties.

When images of the “Mambacita” Kobe VI Protro emerged a few weeks ago, it was reported that they could be the finale in terms of Nike Kobe shoes.

Apparently no one told Vanessa Bryant this. The widow of the late, great Kobe Bryant released a statement in which she elucidated the fact that the “Mambacita” Kobe VI was a tribute shoe that was not intended to see a retail release once the decision was made not to re-up with the Swoosh. Bryant announced earlier this year that the partnership would not be extended , in part because due the current sneaker climate ( i.e. resellers, bots and needlessly making the supply limited) makes it nearly impossible for Kobe’s actual fans to actually get his shoes.

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The ball is in Nike’s court and what will they do? Like most major corporations, the pursuit of profits will always supersede any deleterious effect to the human element, and this is something Nike is not , nor has ever shown to be immune to. With that being said, these still coming to retail despite, the protest of the Bryants would still surprise no one.

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