Wake Forest Center Doral Moore to turn pro

Wake Forest center Doral Moore has elected to forego his senior season to see what avenues await him in the realm of professional basketball.

Although Moore averaged paltry totals of 2.6 points and 2.2 rebounds per contest during his first two years, he took a big step forward in his junior season posting per game averages of 11.1 points and 9.4 rebounds.

CBS Sports college basketball columnist and NBA Draft Gary Parrish had this to say of Moore’s pro prospects:

The odds of either (Moore or Wake guard Bryant Crawford) playing in the NBA next season seem low. So if they’re going into this thinking they’ll be millionaires in a few months, that’s unwise. I hope they realize that. But, that said, sometimes players just want to get on with their professional careers in whatever form — either because they’re ready to earn a paycheck or because they’re tired of school or both. And that’s totally understandable to me.

So my only advice for any underclassman is always the same — that he simply knows and understands what’s realistic and what isn’t. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re going to be in the NBA next season if the G-League is way more likely. But if you understand that, and you’re comfortable with the G-League, or some overseas option, then I’m happy to see you get on with it. And I’ll be rooting for you to achieve your dreams — same as I would root for any young person in any walk of life.

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