Which of “Pre-Heat” Nike Kyrie 7 you get will be a mystery

Kyrie Irving’s upcoming signature shoe, the Kyrie 7 will launch in four “P.re-Heat” colourways inspired by art, film, music and sports.

The “expressions” colour is inspired by kyrie’s love of art and the freedom that artistic expression gives creators to be themselves.

The “Special FX ” is a homage to Irving’s love of filming and the power it possesses to give life to imagination.

The“Soundwave” unfortunately, is not inspired by one of the coolest Transformers ever ,but rather Kyrie’s love of music and how his game is influenced by its vibrations.

The “Icon of Sport” pays respect to Kyrie’s inspirational hardwood heroes, mentors and muses, which includes his father Drederick, who was his favorite player when he was a child.

All of the “Pre-Heat” Kyrie 7 will release November 11 in a “mystery box” fashion, meaning the purchasers will be ignorant of what pair they have unlocked until a pair has been secured and subsequently unboxed. All the pairs will carry a $140 USD sticker price.

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