1996 Olympic Champion Bruny Surin sues Puma

Bruny Sarin, A former sprinter and member of the Canadian 4 x 100 m relay that won gold at the 1996 Summer Olympics,is suing Puma. The suit stems from the German athletic company’s use of the name of it’s “Cell Surin” line of running shoes. 

Mr. Surin became aware of the shoes in June 2015 and contacted Puma. According to Quebec province court filings the shoes were promoted under the slogan “you move fast” Additonally, the filing also had this to say: ” The use of the word ‘Surin’ by Puma created a confusion that would leave one to think that  Surin is endorsing Puma along with the product.”

Surin owns his own SportsLine of clothing runs a charitable organization in Canada is seeking C$90,000 ($68,576.65 USD) in damages and for the court to order Puma to cease their promotion of their “Cell Surin” clothing and shoes. 

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