“25 Years in China” Air Jordan 12 coming August 4

While we are not saying this is an ugly shoe, far from it, the “25 Years in China” Air Jordan 12 Low is Jordan Brand’s latest kick in junk to their fans. Once again instead of granting the wishes of their, at times frustrated fanbase, and running the ”Taxis”back in their correct form, they continue to drop shoes that are tantalizing close to the aforementioned colourway.

Which brings us to the upcoming “25 Years in China ” 12 Low.

As we have implied, it is very visually similar to the “Taxi” low in that its sports a white upper overlaid with black mudguards, but its guards are iridescent. Black ” TWO3″ and silver Jumpman on the tongue, with the same hue present on the top eyelets and inner

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