A brief contrasting of the 2006 and 2022 “Citrus” Air Jordan 7

As we have seen time and time again, no retro is truly a 100% accurate reproduction of the originals and it seems this axiom shall also hold true for the upcoming “Citrus” Air Jordan 7.

A comparison by Jordansdaily on instagram showed differences between the two that included, most notably, colors and the overall shape of the shoe.

A subsequent post from the incomparable zsneakerheadz showed both versions from multiple angles that really delineates the variances in the two versions.

Citrus 7 comparison (zsneakerheadz)

Colors – The colors on the 2006 version are brighter, more intense and pops more against the black upper than those exercised on the 2022 version.

A medial side comparison. The 2006 pair (L) and the 2022 pair (R) (zsneakerheadz)
Rear comparison 2006 (right), 2022 (left) ( zsneakerheadz)

Collar Height and Shape– The 2022 version is slightly higher, however neither version nails the shape of either the original or the 2003 version. The ‘06 come close to the correct shape at the collar but lacks the sleekness of the original, particularly at the midfoot, leading into the toebox; conversely the 2022 offers a sleeker shape, but also misses the mark on the toebox and the the collar shape is also a tad bit too angular.

2006 (left) 2022 (right) (zsneakerheadz)

Despite the visual differences, the 2022 ”Citrus” is still a very visually appealing sneaker. Whether the variations are significant enough to be a dealbreaker we leave up to you, the individual, to decide for yourself. One things we didn’t cover was quality , as it is impossible to positively ascertain the level, or the lack thereof from just images.

As a reminder, the “Citrus” Air Jordan 7 returns July 2.

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