An initial look at the “Honor the Gift”Jordan Who Not Zer0.5

After initially being seen on the feet of one Mr. Russell Westbrook, Jordan Brand has officially have unveiled the “Honor the Gift” Jordan Why Not Zer0.5.

The Why Not Zer0.5 continues the precedent of being a clear evolution of its predecessors, a trend that bean with the transition from the Zer0.2 to the Zer0.3. While I am on board with a brand naturally evolving, the risk is run of sets of models running together, as there is little to visually distinguish from each subsequent silhouette. This is a path that this line seems to be dangerously heading down, as the 0.2 to the 0.5 follow a similar aesthetic template.

These upcoming Who Not Zer0.5s will be part of a collection from Westbrook’s clothing brand, “Honor the Gift” and sports a light tan combination canvas upper with suede overlays. Jeweled Jumpman and Westbook logos, respectively sits atop each corduroy tongue along with a ghilly lacing system. On the rear, “Honor The Gift” and a brand flag are embroidered.

Check out the images below; specific release information will be provided as it avails it feels.

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