Andrew Bogut will return to NBL after NBA Playoffs


Andrew Bogut is in the midst of the Golden State Warriors playoff run, but he has re-affirmed his commitment to the Sydney Kings, making it clear he would turn down another NBA offer to return to the NBL.

Speaking with Matt Logue from the Sunday Telegraph, Bogut indicated that he had no intention on turning his back on the Kings, even if another NBA deal did come from another team.

“The be all and end all is that I gave my word (to the Kings),” Bogut told The Sunday Telegraph.

“That is basically what it comes down to.

“I could potentially have to turn down a deal from somebody at the end of this playoff run if I continue to play well.

“Someone outside of the Warriors could offer me a deal that would be pretty lucrative and a decent one-year deal.

“But I’m sold and locked in on coming to the Sydney Kings again to try and better what we did last season.

Bogut has been solid for the Warriors since returning to the NBA, with his best game coming after being inserted into the starting lineup for Game 3 of Golden State’s series against the Clippers in the absence of DeMarcus Cousins.

The Kings big man finished with eight points, 14 rebounds and five assists as the Warriors ran away with it.

Despite the tough finish to the season for Sydney, Bogut reflected fondly on his first season in the NBL.

“I really enjoyed my time in the NBL. I learnt a lot of different things playing in the league and I enjoyed being at home and just promoting the game.

“It is kind of an ambassador role where I’m trying to promote basketball and the NBL.

With a return to Sydney all but guaranteed by Bogut, he didn’t rule out potentially coming back to the NBA at the end of NBL20 should the stars align.

“It’s more that this is a bonus for my career. It’s the cherry on top and it will probably be my last year in the NBA.

“But if something happens where I am healthy and feeling good at the end of the next NBL year and they call again and want to do it, then I’m all ears.

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