Nets’ GM Sean Marks suspended and fined for entering Refs’ Locker Room

Things got a tad bit testy in Game 4 between the Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers, and apparently it was not just limited to just the players.

According to a press release disseminated by the NBA, Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks was suspended one game and fined $25,000 for entering the referees’ locker room after the game.

As we know, the NBA’s officials are beyond reproach (for better or worse) , but the NBA could not allow people to “pull up” on the refs after a game, so there had to be some sort of disciplinary action. Suspending Marks for one game does not have quite the teeth the league may have wanted. As there are no personnel moves to be made for playoff teams, there is not too much, in a sense, that a GM has to do during this time to immediately effect a roster; it is almost akin to suspending a school teacher during summer vacation.

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