Anthony Edwards leaving Klutch Sports for WME and Bill Duffy

The Klutch Sports client roster is quite impressive, as it contains, NBA Champions, MVPs, perennial All-Stars and up-and coming star players. Up until fairly recently, they could count Anthony Edwards amongst it ranks. However according to TNT and Bleacher Report’s Chris Haynes, the best player on the Minnesota Timberwloves, along with forward jaden McDaniels has departed Kltuch for Bill Duffy and WME.

The move may cause Timberwolves fan ( and some within the Minnesota front office) to breath a sigh of relief. Klutch has a perception of having too much undue influence in the matters of teams that their clients play for, many times to the detriment of the team.

Duffy and WME will have to get right to work as their two latest additions are looking to sign lucrative extensions with the Timberwolves. Now that he is out of the Klutch fold it will be interesting to see if the media arm of Klutch Sports, aka the LeMedia will turn on the young star.

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