Arizona Governor blasts Nike..then is seen in a pair

Last week Arizona govenor Doug Ducey publicly took it to Nike over his displeasure of the footwear giant deciding the pull the plug on an Air Max 1 that featured the so-called “Betsy Ross” Flag after it presence on the sneaker was called out by Mr. Colin Kaepernick.

There was a plan for Nike to build a $184 million facility in Goodyear Arizona and Ducey, in his series of tweets let the Swoosh know that “Arizona economy is doing fine without Nike.” Well the red, white and blue hissy fit he threw online did not stop him from rocking some Nikes at barbeque less than 48 hours after his tirade, which included him threatening to remove $2 million in incentives to bring the aforementioned facility to his state.

People on social took glee in calling out the Governor’s hypocrisy.

A susbsequent vote by the Goodyear city council authorized nearly $2 million worth of incentives to bring Nike to their town. The facility would bring nearly 500 jobs to the area, Mayor of Goodyear Georgia Lord indicated the city would honor the deal that was made.

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