Ben Simmons kicked out of practice in latest team-related lowlight

As if this debacle with the Philadelphia 76ers and then Simmons couldn’t get any more ridiculous

Ben Simmons was thrown out of the 76ers practice on Tuesday. Apparently Coach doc Rivers ask Simmons to participate in in a defensive drill and he refused doc asked him again and he refused and then duck basically told him he needs to go home so if that point Simmons left the practice. Frankly the fact that Simmons is still on the Sixers roster At this juncture is a living embodiment of a worst-case scenario for the team In both Simmons and the team share culpability in the current state of affairs.

If he didn’t play his way out of Philadelphia with his performance in this past postseason, he most certainly laid the foundation to make that a reality. However when the team’s best player and his head coach both took the guy by the collar and checked him under the Trailways , Simmons is days in the city of brotherly love we’re officially numbered. Well those comments may have officially marked the beginning of been Simmons being available by disparaging them as they did right from the beginning they needlessly started to hack away at his trade value , Albert ensuring that the kings ransom that Darrell Maury hope to secure in exchange for Simmons would be a pipe dream at best. Simmons himself is certainly far from being blameless in this situation. He could have chosen to follow the example of Kyrie Irving when he requested a trade from Cleveland, ie , going to management in person and not making his desire to leave a public spectacle ( how it got leaked is an entirely different discussion). Instead he decided to follow the path of Anthony Davis, who, in collusion with Klutch Sports, quit his way out of New Orleans and James Harden who publicly excoriated his teammates as not good enough but also showed up to the season with a physique and effort that’s looked more Paul Blart than Paul George.

While Ben Simmons is flush with talent ; averaging 15, 7 and 7 is far from scrub-level production. Making multiple All-Star appearances , along with an All-NBA and 1st team defense are hardly accomplishments at which to sneeze at at just the age of 25. With that being said , Simmons is simply ,not at this point ,the level of player of Davis or Harden is, and even with the ridiculous antics that they pulled in orchestrating their trades, there was still a myriad of teams lining up to offer a respectable array of assets in order to acquire their services.

Combine that with the glaring deficiencies in Simmons game , with the boneheaded actions of both the 76ers and Simmons himself leaves either with very little room to ameliorate the situation both between each other and potential trade partners. What does ultimately means is it wildly been Simmons trade will happen due to everything that has transpired the 76ers will ultimately be forced to take pennies on the dollar for the secondary superstar.

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