Chris Paul and James Harden relationship termed “unsalvageable”

The Houston Rockets may have come to the end of the road with the Chris Paul/James Harden pairing.

According to a resort by Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports, the rapport between the two has degraded to the point of being “unsalvageable”, as told by league sources. Apparently both players have expressed to management their displeasure with the current situation, with Paul demanding a trade while Harden gave the club a “him or me” ultimatum following their six game ouster from this year’s playoffs , once again, at the hands of the Golden State Warriors.

Goodwill adds that the a “tenuous environment” was created around the team by Harden and Paul. Or speaking with each other for two months during the season and that there is mutual lack of respect for the other.

As was previously reported, Rockets GM Daryl Morey has been shopping nearly everyone on the roster in an effort to reform and improve the roster and now trading one of the two is seemingly an inevitability and all signs point to Paul being the one to be moved. However at his age and his salary, that could prove challenging.

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