CJ McCollum has not spoken with Zion Williamson since being traded to Pelicans

CJ deserves so much better.

Apparently since his trade to the New Orleans Pelicans, the former Trail Blazer star guard has not directly spoken to Zion Williamson.

When asked about it on TNT’s All-Star Saturday night about his communication with the oft injured Pelicans star, McCollum had this to say:

“I haven’t had conversations with him directly. I’ve spoken with some people close to him and look forward to sitting down with him sooner than later. I know about as much as you do right now, but I’m gonna get to the bottom of it.”

This is a bad look for Zion. It gives the appearance of him being a self-absorbed, aloof donkey. In the world of the NBA its not difficult to get another’s player’s phone on other teams, mich less when a guy is now your teammate. Additionally speaking it is the easiest way to ensure that you will get off on the wronf foot with your new veteran teammate who has put in far more work in the Association but also has been somewhere that Zion has not been available enough to even sniff- the postseason. Actions like this are certainly not becoming of someone being touted as not only the faces of the Pelicans but of the League as a whole.

It also adds more fuel to the fire that Williamson has checked out on the Pelicans and wants out of New Orleans.

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