DeMar DeRozan chooses prime Kobe over prime LeBron

The LeSychophants will have a new target at which to direct their perverted rancor- DeMar DeRozan.  

The Chicago Bulls appeared on Serge Ibaka’s How Hungry Are You podcast and he was asked by the shot-blocking chef and host who would he choose between prime Kobe and prime Lebron. DeRozan’s response will undoubtedly frazzle many in the corps of the LeBron James Society of Apologists.

“Imma be biased, I’m still answering your question. I’m biased cuz Kobe is my everything. So imma go with Kobe. I’m answering your question, I’m going with Kobe. Without Kobe, I don’t think I would be in the NBA, so I’m going with Kobe.”

( Kobe/LeBron question Starts a 16:10)

DeRozan’s comments will seem like sacrilege to LeSychophants due to the fact they apotheosize LeBron. This perverse fanaticism makes them see those who do not share their views as anathema. Should this interview get more attention the above will bear itself out, as it did with Ray Allen, and DeRozan will be the latest target of derision by the LeZealots because in their minds all should prostrate themselves before the throne of “King James” and there is something wrong with anyone who does not.  

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