Fan get handsy over anti-LeBron comment, these people are nuts

We recently covered the fight in the stands between what was then being reported as a Lakers fan and a Grizzlies fan. At the time of the video it was unclear what set the supposed Lakers fan off, though it was speculated that the Grizzlies fan may have thrown a racial epithet at the man , but it appears that may not have been the case.

The reason that drove this male to throw hands was the Memphis fan calling LeBron “soft.”

Yes, allegedly he decided that was a good reason to become violent was someone else not liking his favorite player.

I have referred to the LeBron James fans as the as the “Beyoncé fans of the sports world” and its not something attributed to them as a positive. Just the same way her cadre of sycophants will mercilessly attack anyone who doesn’t prostrate themselves at throne of Queen Bey, such is the case for these LeZealots. They seek to tear down other great players , or even entire eras in order to elevate their Supreme Being. There are certainly intense, fervent fan bases of both franchises and even players; it’s that passion which is one of the elements that make great. However just as too much water can eventually be harmful, their ardent LeBron love has crossed over into an unhealthy realm and that sickness has infected the basketball fanbase, just as the T-Virus did in the Raccoon City water supply.

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