Finish Line’s early access on “Reimagined” Air Jordan 1 High OG ticks customers off

It looks like SNKRS may have competition when it comes to disappointing/angering sneaker enthusiast.

STATUS is FinishLine’s loyalty/reward program. The brand touts the program as providing perks such as “member’s only events, “more chances at copping the hottest releases”, “and ” access to exclusive products.”

Finish Line greeted their followers on social media with the following post Monday evening:

Upon reading this, many members expressed dismay or anger and a common refrain from even members with “exclusive access” was that they were not informed that the sneakers had gone live. Other resigned themselves to taking an L on SNKRS the following day and would likely be subjected to the prices on the secondary market. There were others users who got the early access email but were either unable to access the site , or were sold out if they managed to access the STATUS section ( sounds eerily similar to the sneaker buying platform from a certain orange-clad brand).

The question now lingers if this has set a precedent for how Finish Line will handle higher profile releases going forward? Could this be a roundabout way of getting more people into their loyalty program?

Only time will tell.

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