Georgia teen robbed and run over in meet up sneaker deal



The following story out of Georgia is another example of why we here at SneakerShopTalk strongly advise those of you who engage in live meet ups to buy or sell sneakers to exercise some precautions to protect yourselves. Meet in a public place during the day and do not travel alone. Do not let your desire to obtain a certain pair of kicks or to sell a pair blind you from maintaining your safety

A sixteen year old Loganville, GA teen told WSB-TV of Atlanta she made a deal with a 17 year old girl she knew from a party to purchase a pair of Maroon Air Jordan VI’s. The deal was made on the Offer Up website. The victim says the buyer agreed to meet in the victim’s neighborhood last Tuesday at approximately 8pm.

The victim became alarmed when a white Dodge Charger, with what appeared to be adults inside, crept up and made a U-turn.

The victim and her mom said three men, which may have included a teen, were in the car. Two of them took the tern’s money and  in a most heinous act, she and her dog were run over as the thieves made their escape.

Its just tragic, and I just thank Gos that she’s here…If you want to trade or buy shoes, do it in the police station. Nobody’s going to rob you in the police station.  -Betty Murray, the victim’s mother.

Ms. Murray also indicated she has provided key evidence of the arranged transaction to the Gwinnett County police hoping they can get the 17 year girl to divulge the identities of the occupants of that Dodge Charger.


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