Good for Bradley Beal

Although you may have missed it with all the attention directed at the seemingly out-of-nowhere Kevin Durant trade request but Bradley Beal agreed to remain with the Washington Wizards by agreeing to a 5-year, $251 million contract. Many in the professional peanut gallery , ask the mainstream sports media derided Beal’s decision, sting that the three-time All-Star should have bolted to a more ready-made contender, rather that opting to secure the bag.

This sentiment once again puts the deranged, delusional mindset of not only the gasbags of the sports media but also of the rank-and-dile sports fan. They say their happy when the players get pais, ….until they get paid. complaints are lobbed from far and wide about players leave a team in the pursuit of a better, or perceived better, opportunity to claim a championship, but then blame the player if he chooses to tru to elevate his current team to a champioship level. Greats such as Mitch Richmond, Damian Lillard and Kevin Garnett were and are almost chided for trying to make it work with one team and even pitied for ”wasting their prime” , as they supposedly languished with a franchise that had no chance of winning. This was attempted narrative that was cast on Giannis Antetokounmpo before the Bucks won in 2021. It is forked tongue talk to attempt to cast LeBron James as a mercenary for his constant pursuit of advantageous situations that may lay outside of his , at the moment, current geographical location in which he gets paid to play basketball, but constantly employe that Bradley Beal needs to leave his current team to go to a “contender”?

In addition to his prodigious talents Bradley Beal , like nearly, every other NBA player, has supreme confidence in his basketball skills; it is in part how he got to the NBA but also contributed to the player he is. With this in mind, might it be possible that he believes in his talents and that they are sufficient enough to take the Wizards to heights they have not experienced in decades and make q quarter of a billion dollars in the process? I sunlit to you the pursuit of these aims are no mutually exclusive. Congratulations to Mr. Beal and all the others NBA players who were able to maximally monetize their athletic talents so far this free agency season.

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