Here is where you can shoot your second shot on the “Rebellionaire” Air Jordan I

If you , like many, struck out on picking up the “Rebellionaire” and are bristling at what it may cost you on the secondary market, all hope may not be lost. According to Mr Unloved1s, you’ll have another shot or March 19 and he provides a list of stores that will have them:

  • AWOL
  • Bodega
  • Concepts
  • Svrn
  • Phenom Global
  • Union
  • Kicks Lounge
  • Active Athlete
  • Feature
  • Juice
  • Sneaker Politics
  • Saint Alfred
  • Creme 21
  • Stashed
  • Darkside Initiative
  • Notre
  • Up NYC
  • Shoe Gallery
  • Burn Rubber
  • Saint Alfred
  • Wish
  • Likelihood
  • RSVP
  • Rock City Kicks
  • Puffer Reds
  • SoleFly
  • Lapstone and Hammer
  • Premium Goods
  • Extra Butter
  • Social Status
  • A Ma Maniere
  • Rooted

Good luck to everyone seeking these kicks and here’s to a safe, fun and productive release across all these various locations.

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