Howard ”Showtime” Marching band in the White and Red Air Jordan 11

It looks like the perks of being a Jordan Brand school now extend to the brand.

It was homecoming at ”The Mecca” and this joyous occasion at HBCUs is often time, for the most hectic part of the season for the football team as well as the band. For obvious reasons the team is not part of the homecoming pageantry and the band is part of said hoopla. The homecoming outfits for these students is typically their team uniform.

That changed for the band, specifically speaking, for one part of their feet.

When the ”Showtime” Howard University Marching Band took the field yesterday , instead of their normal marching footwear, they “styled and profiled” in the yet-to-be-released white and red Air Jordan 11.


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No trailers were ransacked or otherwise harmed in getting these kicks to these hard-working students. 

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