They are going to blame this loss solely on Russell Westbrook

The Lakers fell to 0-3, losing 106-104 to the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday afternoon.

There are plenty of reasons that the Lakers snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, mostly stagnant, fruitless offensive possessions and non-existent defense down the stretch.

However the narrative was, and will be reiterated/forced down the collective throat of basketball fans by mainstream sports media, that this play was why the Lakers lost:

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However they will say very little, if anything about this play, and if they do the blame will laid squarely at the feet of one Mr. Anthony Davis, rather than Lebron, who was the one who got blown by.

Granted that was not the best shot for Russell Westbrook. Time, score, an understanding of situational basketball and the way he was shooting that game, he finished 4/15 FG, should have dictating taking a different course of action. However this particular play is not the singular reason that the Lakers lost this game, but it will portrayed as the latest example that will be used to disparage and blame Russell Westbrook, while allowing others to once again, escape accoutability merely because they put up pretty numbers.

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