I never thought I’d see the day…

For a variety of reasons, there are truly bizarre times in which we currently inhabit. In many ways up is now down and right now left. The Kyrie Irving has exposed a lot of black personalities in sports as the buck broken company me. They truly are.

Surprisingly, unbelievably a voice who has run counter to this narrative is Jason Whitlock-yes you read that correctly. To be clear I have multiple disagreements with Whitlock but his recent monologue in which he raised the question of why Amazon and Jeff Bezos are not being addressed for selling the movie that is allegedly is vile is spot on.

We raised similar questions in our most recent article on the Kyrie Irving situation. These are valid, lucid inquiries that need to be addressed, however since they are just that, those who are attacking Irving from every angle will not let logical,fact-based questions stand in their way.

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