Mad at Kyrie Irving but not Amazon??

Kyrie Irving has been the talk of the NBA world since his infamous social media post that has been called antiemetic ( but no one has specifically said why).

As if they needed any reason to castigate Kyrie, various talking heads from the sporting world and outside the sports space have been letting Irving have it. The NBA wasted no time , issuing a statement condemning the post and commissioner Adam Silver set to meet with Kyrie next week. The swiftness of the NBA is a stark contrast of how they looked the other way for years when it came to the anti-black sentiments and actions of both Donald Sterling and Robert Sarver we’re both open secrets amongst league circles for many years, decades in the case of Sterling. The league only moved to address their anti-black degeneracy not of their own volition, but when they were compelled by the heat of the light that was shown on the issue when news finally broke. The story of the depravity and the harm wrought on black people and others by those monsters weren’t exposed by league people , but a mistress in the case of Donald Sterling and a reporter from ESPN blew the whistle on the deeds of Robert Sarver.

However the NBA wasted little time releasing a very strongly worded statement admonishing Kyrie with Commissioner Adam Silver wanting to meet with Irving, no doubt to give him a “stern talking-to” to “straighten him out.” When Kyrie didn’t , at the time, dance a jig for them, he was suspended not for the post but because he did not say what they wanted him to say citing, a “failure to disavow antisemitism”. Not only does this scream they are making this up as they go along but also a clear message to Kyrie and others by proxy to utter the words we want/approve or there will be consequences.

If, and this is a huge if, Kyrie Irving is so anti-Jew because he posted an image of a movie, from a listing, what does that make the entity, in that case, Amazon? It appears that they have escaped any of the rancor or culpability that has been heaped so generously upon Irving. Not one of the talking heads on sports television or the media have questioned Amazon or Jeff Bezos why his company sells products that promote antisemetic sentiment?

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