Is this a teaser image of the Nike Ja 2?

Though their namesake seemed to be on self destructive path to derail them, the release of the Nike Ja 1 was a successful, as the silhouette was very well-received. We know the next step in Morant’s signature line is in the future, but at the moment no images have have come to light. 

Well, that may not be entirely accurate. 

An image posted to Instagram by allinlivee could be a teaser of the Ja 2. What is shown is an outsole that features a Morant logo above and the message “THIS IS FOR THE UNDERDOGS WHO HAVE THE DAWG IN THEM” the large grey Swoosh.  Surrounding the aforementioned Swoosh is “TWELVE”, Morant’s jersey number. 

Stick with us here as we will report it as soon as images of the Morant 2 surface. 

image via allinlivee


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