James Harden has announced to the world it’s a wrap in Houston

You can mark January 12,2021 as the day that the relationship between James Harden and the Houston Rockets officially came to an end. After a second consecutive drubbing at the hands of a very jovial Los Angeles Lakers , 117-100, Harden used the postgame presser to subtly and not-so-subtly declare that he was done in Houston.

Harden’s comments seemingly did not go over well with still new teammate John wall who had this to say after the game:

Wall is absolutely correct. If Harden after just ten games is ready “to jump off a cliff”, then there is nothing that can be done to resuscitate the relationship, not only between Harden and the buckets organization, but also between himself and those players in that locker room. A strained organ izational relationship aside Harden chucked the entire locker room under the bus and publicly declared to the entire basketball that this team is not good enough. How can he remain in that locker room when the other guys know that the best player on the team thinks the rest of the roster is chopped liver? l as wall alluded to in his post game comments how can you win when everyone is not ten toes down and james harden has definitively declared that he is not just ten games into a 72-game campaign. While Harden was so busy tossing his teammates beneath public transportation, I hope he slid under with him because if he is pointing the accusatory finger at his team ,as  over his last s games Harden is putting up just 17.4 ppg on just 37.8 percent from the floor, inauding 25,6 percent from down town.

Although I was initially against Houston trading Harden, 

He has laid down the gauntlet and the team has no choice but to move on. The only questions now are what team(s) would be willing to part with the capital to acquire Harden and what ball clubs would he be the best fit with because the answer to both of those question may not be the same team.

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